whoops !

My secondment to support planning training means I spend 2 days a week in anunfamiliaroffice. It, therefore, takes me a while each week to re-orient myself into the role and to any new stuff thats gone on in my absence. Last tuesday I’d just sat down at my

"Noooo - I did what ?!?"

desk when the phone rang. It was a social worker wanting to speak to a support planner called Melody Harrison for an update on how her client’s support planning was going. I don’t know Melody, she trained in an earlier inset, so I told her I would find Melody’s contact details.

Since my last stint in the office a list had been put up by each computer containing all 18 or so support planners names and information. Not having had the opportunity to have a good look at this I quickly scanned it for Melody’s name. I found it, and noticed that in the next column it stated, “At home after hospital”. “Oh dear”, I thought, “poor Melody”, and proceeded to inform the social worker of Melody’s demise. I told her not to worry though as I would look up the clients case file myself and update her.

When I put her on hold I was confronted with a colleague standing next to me with a face contorted into the most peculiar expression of supressed laughter I’d seen in ages. “What?” I said, thinking I had missed something hilarious. She managed to compose herself enough to explain to me that the second column on the list is the name of where each support planner works, and that Melody has NOT recently arrived home after hospital, but, rather, she works for an organisation called, “At Home After Hospital”. “Nooooooooo !!!!!!”  I said, “your’e kidding!!” But she wasn’t! And after we had a good laugh at my mistake I had to eat humble pie and explain my faux pas to the social worker. luckily she saw the funny side, and I  gave her the contact details of the perfectly fit and healthy Melody Harrison.

You live and learn!

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