A brief bulletin

Owing to unforseen circumstances – to strange, unexpected, and beyond your control “drink me” happenings -I am sorry to have to inform you that the White Rabbit will be unable to post for a little while ( actually I think  he is running from the Queen of Hearts – something to do with gambling debts! ) but he will return and be posting soon I promise.


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2 Responses to A brief bulletin

  1. Mathy says:

    Oh I’m so sad to hear that Alice. Just when you were making a difference anyway keep writing and when the time is right you can uploaded online again. Don’t despair. This shows yout are shaking and doing something to bring change to support planners and people can tell.

    • afteralice24 says:

      thanks mathy – what can i say? – in our “through the looking glass” world one never knows what each new day brings – I’m just going to enjoy the ride and be back posting as soon as possible x

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