About this blog

Change isn’t easy.

Even if something isn’t working well people tend to stay with what is familiar rather than risk making a change. As a support planner the people I work with are vulnerable and for most of them just the thought of change is downright scary.

But change is on the cards!

The new government policy of personalisation is being rolled out, and all disabled people receiving council services to meet their support needs will, from now on, be required to choose, source, and pay for, support services themselves from a personal budget assessed and allocated by the council. I am one of many support planners being trained to help them with this transition.

Here I will be writing about the ups, downs, fun, frustrations, mistakes and success of my training and work. But what really matters to me is that I do my job well; that as I support my clients through this process of change the work I do with them will make their transition to personal budgets as un-scary as possible. I want them to come through this having made the choices that will result in them attaining an improved quality of life. Personalisation is a flawed policy so I will also be talking about the challenges and obstacles that arise and the solutions to them that I’ll try (with help) to figure out.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and I really, really hope that those of you doing the same job as me, and who feel the same as I do about it, will share your own experiences here so that I can learn about how it is going for you.  I would love for this blog to become a space where we support planners support each other; where we share what works well and what doesn’t and discuss ideas about how we can best support our clients.

My anonymity is simply to ensure confidentality and to prevent me being sued for libel by the council who are training me should I let slip some office gossip or managerial incompetency!!!! Lastly – we all need a good moan now and then, but let’s keep it in the office – I’d like this blog to become part of the solution, not part of the problem.

So a BIG welcome to you – I am looking forward to getting to know you.


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