About me

The white rabbit

I was born in Coventry and grew up in Leamington Spa. I was raised to notice the people on the periphery and to care what happened to them – But for many years I didn’t – I avoided them!

Here are some of the things I did do :-

  • served in the US Army as a combat medic
  • sang in a band
  • sold vacuum cleaners door to door in upstate New York
  • studied for a history degree
  • did stand up comedy
  • learnt taxidermy
  • left an abusive marriage
  • returned to England and raised a son

These things have toughened and softened me. I am 53 and have been a mental health worker in and around London for the last eight years. A lot of the time some of the people I work with either exasperate or amuse me but I cant help caring about them – they are my tribe.

I am a divorced, single mother, mental health survivor, with a liking for benzo’s – so you see I have for years, it seems, been making my own way toward the periphery –  I like it here – I belong,  and I have, at last, become passionate about noticing people on the periphery and caring about what happens to us.


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